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Happy in the snow

There are few things that make me feel the same happy as snowing. This dress does, ahahaah. Another perfect goan in my closet - very light, very feminine, very cosy, very...happy. But snowing comes first! Snowing, ah! warm blanket and hot tea in the old cup....and one of my favorite places in Troitsk - banks of Desna-river. When you feel happy...there isn't much that one can say usually. I'm too almost speechless....trying hard to write this post. Happiness is easy when you feel it, and its hard when you're trying to get it))). What i feel is easy, trying to put it into words is very hard. Maybe words are not needed))).

Dress by Artka, necklace by fukurousutori
Photographer Julia Yakimova

Love, Anna

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